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Pay For Actions, Not Your Time.

Most Instagram tools charge you for the time you spend. Not us.

We charge you for the total actions. Actions create connections. Connections are what boosts your account and business.

Common questions

1. What are actions?

Actions are the tasks that our software undertakes on your behalf. When your Pushgram account likes a picture, comments, follow or unfollows a user, each of those actions are counted as 1 action. Set your settings as specific as possible for optimal results.

2. How many daily actions can I make?

We set the speed of our service based on what is acceptable via Instagram policies. The recent Instagram updates have us running at an average of 1250 actions per day if you're using all features. You can expect approximately 800 likes/ 150 comments/ 150 follows/ 150 unfollows per day.

3. Is there a time limit on using my actions?

There is no time limit on our Engage, Boost or Growth packages. Though, we recommend setting your settings and turning on features that will allow you to get the results you want. Our active users gain up to 75 real followers a day with all likes/comments/follow and unfollow turned on.

4. How many followers will I gain?

If your settings are optimized and you are using likes/comments/follows and unfollows you can expect to gain as much as 75+ real and targeted followers a day. If your settings are specific and you are engaging with audiences that are interested in your brand, these accounts will also engage by liking and commenting on your content.



Pushgram has tripled my followers with a relevant audience, real people and not fake accounts. I could have not reached that many people on my own. Also, very quick and easy to communicate with, not just an automated service. Thank you.


Pushgram has helped me reach and engage with my target audience and community.


I have been a client of Pushgram for 6 months. The service is professional, reliable and inexpensive. Results have made a HUGE difference for my account.


Using Pushgram has been a great experience! Follower count continues to grow bringing more business, and the account management is impeccable!

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