Optimizing Pushgram Settings for Best Results

Setting your Pushgram settings optimally is important if you want to make the most of your service in order to gain quality followers and engagement. Pushgram allows you to specify who you engage with and how, and the possibilities are endless.

What settings should you set for your account? What will result in the most number of followers and the highest engagement? This post takes into account the 5 elements that will play the biggest role in deciding how good your results will be.  Here they are!

#1. Target by Usernames, or Specific Hashtags:

Targeting by usernames allows you to engage with those that follow a user. Say you’re in makeup industry, you’ll want to add usernames of popular makeup accounts in order to engage with those that have already showed interest in similar brands to yours. If you add the username @sephorapro you will be engaging with these 505k Instagram users:


Targeting by Usernames

Tip for targeting by usernames:

Targeting by usernames is the best way to engage with targeted followers and usually results in the most followers gained in return. Add 10-15 usernames of popular users who’s followers would be interested in following you.  Be specific here; add usernames that have under 1 million followers, and who’s style and brand are similar to yours. Additionally, be careful which accounts you are adding as a lot of accounts have a lot of fake followers. If you add accounts who have a lot of fake followers than you end engaging with fake accounts, and hence, your results will be poorer. You can always spot which accounts have fake followers by looking and seeing if their number of likes/comments/views per image lines up with the number of followers they have. As a general rule it should be about 5-10% of followers will be liking/commenting on that accounts images.


Targeting by hashtags allows you to engage with those that have used a hashtag in one of their posts. Say you’re an interior designer who’s style is modern designs,  you might want to target the hashtag #minimalist in order to engage with those that have showed interest in minimalist home designs.  Adding this hashtag would allow you to engage with posts that have had that hashtag included in them. See example below:


Targeting by Hashtags

Tip for targeting by specific hashtags:

Targeting by hashtags can be extremely powerful way to target, or can be ineffective all together. What it depends on is the hashtags that you are targeting. It’s preferable that you target by usernames, but if you target by hashtags it’s important to think about who you’re target followers are and what hashtags they’re using. Real estate agents often use the hashtag #realestate, fitness trainers use the hashtag #fitness, and makeup artist use #makeupartist, these are all hashtags used predominately by people offering that same service and not the target audience they want to reach. If you follow this trend you will fall into the trap of engaging with your competitors instead of your customers. Instead, a realtor should target #momlife or #parenthood, a fitness trainer should target #nevergiveup, and makeup artist should target #youngandbeautiful.

For more info in which hashtags to target, check out this article we’ve written on targeting by hashtags here.

#2. Add Comments:

Comments is a feature that will allow you to engage with another 150 accounts per day. If user incorrectly, comments will be deemed spam. Most of have received spammy comments and know how irrelevant and annoying they are. The key to comments is making sure the comments are in line with the media you are targeting. If comments are used in parallel with targeted Pushgram settings it will be a powerful way to get profile views and new followers.  For instance,  targeting media with tags like #nevergiveup than the comment #💪 is well suited. Targeting usernames that follow @worldtriathlon than the comment #🏊🚴‍♀️🏃 is well suited. We recommend you review the hashtags or usernames you are targeting and translate each into emoji comments.  Emoji comments are short, sweet, and relatable to most posts. Add 10-15 and Pushgram will rotate amongst them. In turn you will interact with more users in a personable and targeted way and in turn gain more followers.

Stay way from comments like: “Nice”, “Great one”, “Check out my profile”, “Great post”, “I really like this picture”, and “Wow”.


Advanced Settings:

#3. Be Cautious using Locations:

What to avoid: avoid targeting cities, countries or regions. Only users on Instagram that tag their posts with cities or countries are usually tourist.

What to do: preferably target by specific hashtags or locations. If you’re going to target by locations, think of the locations your potential followers are checking into and add those locations. For example, if you’re a personal trainer or gym owner you should consider what locations your customers and potential customers might be tagging their photos with.E.g. another local gym, a local health food café, a juice bar or a popular running/walking or hiking destination close to where you work. Proximity is essential, especially if you run an offline business.

You can read more about location targeting in this post here.

#4. Find the right Balance in Filters:

Filters allow you to specify your settings further. You can choose the type of posts you want to engage with, and the quantity of likes or followers a users must have in order for you to engage with them. Pick numbers too low and there won’t be any media for you to engage with and your service will stall and hinder you from getting any results. Choose numbers too high and your interactions with others won’t be seen as users with high numbers of notifications are less likely to see any of those notifications. We preset these filters to a balance where you are engaging with users who will likely see their notifications, are engaged on Instagram, and you are able to interact with a good amount of them. Recommended filters should follow the settings below:


Pushgram Filters


Note: be very, very careful with tag+tag, location+tag, username+tag filters. Have any of these filters checked will drastically slow down your service. Use these filters with caution. You can read more about how these filters work on our FAQ page.

#5. Adjust your Follow and Unfollow Cycle:

Your follow and unfollow cycle allows you to choose how many people you will follow, before unfollowing them. Preset settings have the follow and unfollow cycle set to 10. This means you will follow 10 people before unfollowing them. The reason we preset to 10 is to not flood people’s feed with new users they are following. Though, if a user does not check their Instagram account often or does not get notifications when someone follows them, they are unlikely to see the notification that you followed them. Additionally, the notification disappears from their feed if you unfollow them.

We recommend you change your follow and unfollow cycle to at least 500, or preferably 1000. This will ensure that you allow users at least 24 hours to see the notification that you have followed them. The higher the number the more likely they are to see your notification. Additionally, we suggest you keep ‘Unfollow who don’t follow me’ setting unchecked. Checking it will change the cycle to only unfollow those that don’t follow you back rather than unfollow everyone. This in turn slows down your actions, and if you reach the 7500 threshold Instagram has on the number of people you can follow, it will stop your follow and unfollow cycle all together. After all, the idea is to get the number of followers you have as high as possible, and to keep the number of people you follow low.


Follow and Unfollow cycle

Note on and Blacklists: add to blacklists if you want to avoid engaging with particular hashtags or users. i.e


The feature that result in most number of follow backs is the ‘Follow’ feature. Make sure it’s on! More importantly, if you want to gain as many followers as possible, you should make sure all your features are on, as this will help you reach the most number of people possible per day.

ps. If you’re concerned about flooding your feed, and therefore have the follow feature off, than decrease the follow and unfollow cycle in advanced settings. Also, please note if your unfollow source in advanced settings is set to ‘Pushgram’, than the software will not unfollow anyone you’ve followed outside of Pushgram.