New Ways to Get More Instagram Followers in 2019

Instagram seems to be especially popular among product based businesses because of its visual nature. A number of businesses which are product based like jewelry, clothing, fashion, and makeup, etc. have seen great success using this platform. What’s more, small businesses are offered equal opportunities when it comes to leveraging the power of this social network.

In order to take your Instagram marketing to the next level, you need to increase your followers on the platform on a regular basis before anything else. Now, let’s run through some of the popular ways which you can use to boost your following on Instagram.

Learn how to nail your Instagram aesthetics

The Instagram Explore tab is where the users are able to find videos and photos which they may like from Instagram accounts they are not yet following. Additionally, you can find Instagram Stories on the Explore tab right at the top of your screen.

The fact is, over 100 million users visit this tab on a daily basis. Meaning, brands have plenty of opportunities to increase their following by using the Explore Tab.

In order to master the game of Instagram marketing in 2019, you must ensure that everything in your feed starting from your posts align with the aesthetics that you chose for your brand.

Tips for a well-curated aesthetic on Instagram:

  • Tip #1: Learn Adobe Lightroom

Nothing beats Adobe Lightroom when you want to edit and enhance your posts on Instagram. The good news is, you can download this app totally for free on both iOS and Android.

Besides, you also have the option to purchase some Lightroom presets from experienced photographers to make your Instagram profile more attractive.

However, make sure you use the same presets or filters on each on your photos on Instagram. Not only will this reduce your editing time but also ensure all your photos align with each other.



  • Tip #2: Instagram story templates

Instagram story templates are ideal for making your stories more complementary and uniform to the rest of the posts in your feed.

You can find plenty of apps such as Unfold and Canva which can help you come up with great template ideas.

Create an Instagram Aesthetic: Instagram Stories

  • Tip #3: Use the Instagram story highlights to promote your brand

Instagram Story Highlights allow you to grow your followers by presenting your best content in front of the new audience and give them an overview of your brand.

Consider the Instagram highlights as your website landing page. In case you have an e-commerce store, you might want to create different highlights for tops, shoes, and dresses & then create additional highlights for things like shipping info, FAQ’s, etc.

Also, make sure both the icons you are using for the cover images and your Instagram Stories are in alignment with the overall aesthetics of your profile on Instagram!

Instagram live videos

Instagram can be a perfect platform to make the most out of your live video, which is one of the growing trends on social networks. It’s ideal to cover live events such as community gatherings, in-store promos or conferences.

At the end of the live video, you will be provided with an option to make it available for a replay or let it disappear. Users will receive a notification when a profile they’re following starts a live broadcast.

Instagram Ads

Ads are a popular way for increasing your following on Instagram in a short amount of time. Instagram allows you to target the user based on their demographics, location, & even their key interests and behaviors.

For instance, when Le Creuset, a cookware brand was launched in Israel, it utilized the power of Instagram ads in order to reach 70% of its target audience within a matter of 60 days.

In addition to the feeds, you also have the option to display your ad in Instagram Stories. Thankfully, targeting an audience in Instagram with a sponsored post couldn’t be easier — Instagram does all the hard work for you!

Instagram already pulls in a “similar audience” that you can share the post to, or you can easily create your own audience in the app by choosing an interest, age range, and the genders you want to promote to.

Instagram Stories Ads: Audience

Use Instagram analytics

Instagram analytics offers you vital data such as the number of impressions you received for each post, in addition, to reach, top posts, engagement, etc. Besides, you can find demographic info about your followers, which includes their age, gender, & current location. Knowing how to correctly use this data can help you adjust your Instagram strategy so as to get more users to follow you on the platform.

Old but Gold Advice:

Know the ideal time to post for maximum engagement

The ideal time to post on Instagram is likely to be different for each account. Hence, in order to figure it out, you must take into account the demographics and interests of your audience. For example, you want to know whether your account is dedicated to the male audience or female audience? At what time are they most active on Instagram?

By using these insights, you can start experimenting with different time zones to measure your results.

Write captions that compel the users to take action

Even though Instagram is considered as a visual platform, the captions you write play a big part when it comes to boosting your engagement, hence allowing you to increase your followers.

Below we’ve listed some key pointers in this regard:

Make sure you place the important words before anything else. Captions get cut off after a couple of lines of text in the user’s feed, so you want to put out the right message at the beginning itself.

Ask questions. Questions make it easy for followers to leave their comment. Also, the engagement you get makes your profile visible to users who don’t follow you yet.

Use emojis. Emojis are likely to draw the user’s eye and are suitable for almost every type of account on Instagram.

Experiment with the length of your caption. Instagram lets you use long-form captions. This makes it easy for you to test out a few in-depth stories in case your post needs it. Captions that are very short can prove beneficial when your Instagram post image speaks for itself.

Use other social media sites to promote your Instagram account

In order to gain more Instagram followers, you must make it easy for others to find you. In case you already have a good following on any other social media site, let those followers know that you also have an Instagram account. You can simply share the link to your Instagram account & ask your followers on another social network to check it out. In addition, you can highlight a few of your posts on Instagram on other social networks. For example, you can use the boost post option on Facebook to increase your following on Instagram.

Use other communication mediums to share your Instagram account

Every communication tool no matter if its offline or online can be seen as an opportunity to direct the audience to your Instagram profile.

Make sure you place the link to your Instagram profile in online newsletters and the signature of your email. This way, it’ll much easier for people who’re already familiar with you to find you on social networks.

You can also embed the content of your Instagram account in a blog post so that people can easily discover your blog through Google and simultaneously check out your profile on Instagram.

And do not overlook offline communication mediums such as business cards, product packaging, signage at a store or an event.

Run contests

Contests are a great way to boost your following on Instagram, as well as increase traffic to your site. In order to enter the contest, you can ask users to follow your profile, comment or like one of your recent photos, repost some of your photos or use a particular hashtag.

This strategy is ideal for all types of business wanting to grow their following on Instagram.

You can also consider user-generated content in order to further your reach on Instagram. This way, other users will be able to see your Instagram profile through a post created by one of their friends. This strategy is also effective when it comes to building trust with your most recent followers.