Coming up with an Instagram bio is hard: it has to entice people to follow you, show your personality, communicate all your business info, and be less than 150 characters.

Earlier this year we wrote about how important it is to ensure that your profile info is complete. In this article we are going to discuss the significance your bio has in helping you gain new followers. When a new user decides to click on your profile handle and they land on your feed, their 2nd or 3rd interaction with you is usually them glancing through our bio. You only have a few seconds to impress and motivate a new user to click the follow link. Hence, a major key that influences that users’ thinking to follow you will be your bio.

A Good Instagram Bio

A bio is different from a good bio. A bio communicates who you are. A good bio, shares how you’re different. A good bio entices a new user to want to be a part of the journey you are sharing on Instagram. It uses spaces, emojis, and different fonts to communicate in a way relevant to the audience reading it. It might seem overwhelming at first, but if you approach crafting your bio with the 6 tips shared below, you to can stand out and convert more browsers into followers.

Tip # 1: Describe how you’re different.

Start by answering this question: what sets you apart from everyone else? There are 400 million active Instagram users using the app daily. What makes YOU different? A common mistake we see in bios are people describing who they are by adding what their title is, or what they do. Though, what they should be adding are the unique qualities that describe HOW they do what they do. Your key words and descriptions should be so depictive of your style and who you are that it would be hard to use them to describe anyone else.

Examples of key words/statements NOT to include:

  1. Professional Hair Stylist
  2. Business Advisor
  3. Weight Loss Professional
  4. Bike Shop
  5. Triathlete
  6. Jewelry Shop
  7. Fitness Trainer

Here are some Inspirations to get you thinking:

  1. Curly Hair Diva, Young Artist, London Lovin
  2. Kick Ass Digital Currency Strategist
  3. Wellness + Vegan + Creator + Lover
  4. Custom Bikes as Fast as U
  5. 3x Ironman • Nutritionist • ITU champ • Proud Dad
  6. Affordable Dainty Jewelry
  7. Mobility & Agility Geek

Tip # 2, 3, 4: Use Emojis, different fonts or line breaks.

2: Emojis are a fun and creative tool to convey and communicate your uniqueness. They give life and meaning to your bio and your feed, and set the tone for what others should expect. They are also a great way to utilize the scarcest resource you have in your bio: space.

Not only do we highly recommend you make use of emojis, but we recommend you do so in a way that reinforces or supplements the key words your are using to describe your brand. Take a look below at some good examples we ran across:

Instagram Bio Emojies


3: Fonts
Did you know you can change the font of your bio? Use this app here to spice up your bio and communicate your style with different type fonts. Here are some examples we ran across that use a different font to add meaning to their bio.


Instagram Bio Fonts

Instagram Bio Fonts










4: Line Breaks
Want to add line breaks? Line breaks can be added using your desktop. To add a line break go to on your desktop, navigate to the settings button and add line break in your bio by clicking the enter/return key where you would like the new line to begin.

A bio with line breaks looks like:

Instagram Bio Spacing

Note: line breaks will not display on desktop view of your feed. You will have to login via mobile to see the change live.

Tip # 5: Speak to your audience.

While its important to think about how to communicate how you’re different, it is also equally important to communicate in a way that is relatable to your audience. After all, we are writing these bios for them.

Ask yourself: what mutual interests do I share with my followers? The answer to this question will help you identify the keywords to incorporate into your bio.

Take a look at how we converted some examples from above and incorporated terms that would be related to potential followers.

  1. Curly Hair Diva, Young Artist, London Livin →
    1. Curly Hair Diva, Lover of Beauty, London Livin
  2. Kick Ass Digital Currency Strategist →
    1. Digital Currency Investor turning pennies into $$
  3. Wellness + Vegan + Creator + Lover →
    1. Vegan Diet + Healthy Recipes + Wellness & Family
  4. Custom Bikes as Fast as U →
    1. Bikes 4 Triathletes & Ironmen Customized & Optimized 4 Speed

Tip # 6: Use link strategically.

Update link strategically to drive people to latest thing you got going on. If you are running different campaigns to highlight a service or product, or you just wrote a new blog article, use the link you are allotted to drive traffic to the page highlighting your campaign.

Instagram Bio; Link

Doing so communicates to users that your brand is active, and gives you additional credibility. It also allows a user to quickly enter into your world without having to visit different pages of your website to gather info about who you are.

Use our suggestions here and you will have yourself a unique, fun, creative and relatable bio.

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Bonus Tip

Pushgram allows you to target people on Instagram by the hashtags they have used in their content or by targeting users they are following. Synchronize your bio and your Pushgram targeting strategy for most success using our service.

Here’s an example of what we mean: say you’re a bike shop and you want to engage with triathletes because they are potential clients. Use a specific hashtag like #SwimBikeRun in your targeting (See picture below), and use similar or the same terminology in your bio as well. If you do so, then you are engaging with the users most likely interested in following you, and when that user views your profile they see immediately that you have shared interests with them. This combo will help you make the most use of your actions, and in turn help you gain the most followers possible using our service.

Pushgram Settings for Bio

Instagram Bio

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