Do you want to get more followers and get them engaged on Instagram but don’t know how? This Instagram Analytics Guide might have the answer.Β  In this blog post, we break down the key metrics on Instagram you should get familiar with if you want to get more followers, increase engagement and gain valuable insights on your audience.

Keep in mind that these metrics are only available for businesses profiles on Instagram.

Instagram Analytics – Audience Insights

Knowing your audience is a must when it comes to growing your online presence. On Instagram, you can find out your audience’s gender, age, location, at what time they tend to use social media, and how many followers you gain on a weekly basis.


You need to consider your audience’s gender and age when you create new content. Tailoring your content based on your audience’s demographics, amongst other metrics, can help you increase their engagement with your brand.


Context and relevance. Getting insight on where your audience is from, allows you to join their conversation and be relevant. If most of your followers are from New York City, try creating some content specific to their context to get them engaged.

Best time to post

One of the most crucial metrics to learn more about your audience and increase engagement is knowing when your audience is online. Instagram shows you the days of the week and hours of the day that your followers use the platform most.

So, you can schedule your posts when most of your audience is there to get more views and interaction.

Instagram Analytics – Activity Insights

Within your Instagram business account, you can also track your audience’s activities on your profile and learn more about your account’s reach and impressions.

  • Reach: learn how many unique accounts have seen your posts.
  • Impressions: discover the number of times all of your posts have been seen.

Having this information allows you to determine whether your content strategy is working or not. If you aren’t reaching enough people, you might want to switch things up and post different content to see what happens.

Instagram Analytics – Content Insights

To make sure your content is doing its job of getting people engaged, you can also check out the Content tab within Instagram’s insights. Knowing which kind of posts resonates with your audience, can help you optimize your strategy to get more followers.

Instagram Stories

The stories feature on Instagram can help you gain more followers and provide you with more useful insight regarding your content and brand.

Similar to regular posts, Instagram gives you the stats for your content’s reach and impressions, which can help you decide what posts work better.

More importantly, Instagram Stories can teach you a lot about your audience’s behavior and content preference when you analyze these metrics:

  • Back – if users went back to see your story again, that’s usually a sign of interest.
  • Forward – the content wasn’t engaging enough for the user to stick around.
  • Next Story – if you noticed users tend to skip your stories a lot, you might want to change things up.
  • Exit – the user could have a million reasons to exit Stories, so, keep an eye on it but don’t take it personally.

You can also track Swipe ups and replies to make sure your content is getting users engaged and prompting enough interaction.

Key Takeaway

Understanding these Instagram analytics and adjusting your content strategy along the way is the key to getting more followers and increasing engagement. Checking your stats on a weekly basis and learning more about your audience and its behavior can amp up your results.

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