How do you convert followers on Instagram into loyal customers?

It’s all well and good to grow your audience, have people like and engage with your posts and even gain inspiration for their everyday life, but if you’re a business your Instagram should ultimately be a means of converting followers in order to build your customer/client base.

With that in mind, here are four of our top tips for converting your followers into valuable customers/clients for your business.


1. Ensuring you include business website properly:

Example of where to add your website in your Instagram user description
This might sound ridiculously obvious, but surprisingly, this is something that a lot of businesses still fail to do on Instagram. Some businesses include old and broken links, while other businesses fail to promote the most beneficial links accessible to them.

Unlike almost all other social media platforms, Instagram still doesn’t let you include clickable links in your posts unless you are paying for an Instagram Ad (which is another topic completely). What this means is that your account is only able to promote one link at any one time.

NB: If you’re not familiar with Instagram yet, this is where you can promote your businesses website.

For this reason, the link you choose to use is especially important.

  1. Firstly, you should ensure that the link is both a working and up to date webpage.
  2. Remember that your homepage isn’t necessarily the most useful page for a new customer to visit. For example if you’re a personal trainer and your most recent post was promoting one of multiple fitness plans you offer and you have a page on your website dedicated to different workout plans you offer including prices, this is probably a better link to include in your bio, at least for the few days that post is appearing in your followers news feed.
  3. Remember that you can update the link in your bio at any point. So keeping point b. in mind, remember that you can update your link to suit all sorts of posts on your Instagram whether that be promoting a product or an enewsletter. In order to turn your followers into customers you should also try to link to a webpage that they can take action on. Whether this be an online booking page, an online shop or a page which includes your address and opening hours. Because you can only include a single link on Instagram, followers are already going to need to take at least two steps in order to get to your website, and if you are trying to convert them into valuable customers, you want to make their journey as simple and short as possible when you can.


2. Ensure you properly promote your webpage:

Example of how to promote your website or link through an Instagram post caption

So now you have included a perfect webpage for your followers to visit, how do you promote it so that your followers and other Instagram users actually click on it? This is the crucial step that most businesses miss on Instagram. While the link exists, most users will not actively go to a businesses page’s profile and click on the link unless they are encouraged to.

The best way to encourage people to click on a link is to literally ask them or tell them to. You might notice that some top Instagram users will include lines such as ‘for more information click the link in my bio’, ‘Link in bio’ or ‘Click the link in our bio for special offers and deals’.

Just remember that Instagram is still a social media platform, so generally we recommend not making image posts that encourage people to click the link in your bio, but instead do a softer push in your post description.


3. Incorporate user generated content in your feed:

An example of Pushgram using user generated content on Instagram

Is there a better sales pitch for your business or product than a happy customer? Especially in a time when digital ‘Word of mouth’ and ‘Influencer’ marketing are two of the lead forms of marketing and are proven to work with a contemporary audience.

Finding content posted by happy customers and reposting it could be one of the best ways of turning your current followers into customers because you are proving three things at once:

  1. You are a real brand with real customers.
  2. You are a real brand, with real and happy customers.
  3. You are a real brand, with real and happy customers and products that other people are interested in.

For example, if you are a hair salon and one of your customers posts a photo of their hair after you have done an excellent job of it, you should share the post on your profile. You should also ensure you attribute the post to your customer and include their @tag in your post by tagging them or mentioning them in your post description. Not only is this the correct way to attribute another users post, but it also works as a secondary marketing tool by allowing other users to visit your customers Instagram account and see a first hand account of your services.

People trust their peers more than they trust businesses, so if you can incorporate peer review type content in your feed you are well on your way to converting followers into customers.


4. Promote exclusive deals

Create content that makes your users feel like VIP’s and gives them a reason to visit your official website.

Promotions exclusive for your Instagram followers will not only give your followers a reason to visit your website but also make them feel like you really appreciate them. Creating a sense of community is a great way to turn loyal followers into customers, and who doesn’t love a deal or bargain (trust us, Instagram users aren’t any different to regular customers and potential customers).

Deals and offers also create a sense of urgency that encourage users to rush onto your site opposed to waiting for a rainy day (so to speak).

If you do choose to create a special offer for Instagram users and your have the resources necessary you should create a special link and page for the promotion, that way your followers will feel extra special when they reach your webpage and you can better track whether they are converting into actual customers.



Make sure you track everything. Include customized links in your Instagram bio so that you can track when your followers are visiting your website and whether they are converting. This helps you to know when and what posts and links are best resonating with your followers so that you can alter your account activity accordingly.

You can also track this by including a ‘How did you hear about us’ section on your sign up form and including Instagram as a specific option instead of more general options like ‘the internet’ or ‘social media’.

Instagram and an excellent channel for promoting your business, and if you follow these steps you will be able to take it to the next level and not only have a popular online community, but also followers who turn into dedicated customers.


  • Andrew Watson

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